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MUMZ4KIDZ is a organization that blossomed from the passion of four high school students in 2013. Instead of buying expensive mums for the homecoming game, these students donated to Youth World, fed sixteen families, and wore shirts to raise awareness for Youth World in South Dallas. In five years, we have raised $126,121. MUMZ4KIDZ has given groceries to a total of 2,216 families for Thanksgiving & Christmas. In addition to this, 1,500 children have received groceries during Spring Break. We are entering the 6th year and are excited to see what we will be able to do with 126 ambassadors sharing the vision across the metroplex.


$800 Raised
1 School
0 Media Outlets
16 Families Fed


$13,250 Raised
9 Schools

9 Media Outlets
300 families Fed


$30,000 Raised
18 Schools
9 Media Outlets
500 Families Fed


$42,171 Raised
19 Schools
700 Families Fed
600 Kids fed during spring break


$39,900 Raised
21 Schools
700 Families Fed
900 Kids fed during spring break

Youth World’s goal during the Thanksgiving & Christmas season is to bring dignity to families by providing groceries. Youth World does this so that they can be a part of the tradition of preparing a Thanksgiving dinner together.

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for what you have and living with a generous spirit. It is time for students to step up and make a change in this community. MUMZ4KIDZ is a chance for students to give and be a part of something huge! Every small act of kindness is part of a big impact.

How exciting is it to think about how this generation could be known as the generation of change, of selflessness, and of courage. An immense number of young people are questioning their duty on Earth. Maybe, just maybe, this is the first step.

Please consider joining me as we stand upand help feedmentor, and educate hundreds of children. You can become an ambassador at your school by visiting the Ambassadors page.

Many Blessings,

Destiny Rose & Chaney Rose
Founders of MUMZ4KIDZ

For more information, please contact Susan Steele at mumz4kidz@youthworld.org or 214-770-9708.

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