School Information

Pick up locations will be posted as soon as we receive information from your school Ambassadors.

If you would like to participate from another school we will have the shirts produced in your school colors. Please contact Susan Steele at: 214-770-9708 or

$50 will provide one family Thanksgiving or Christmas groceries. As we know mums have gotten bigger and bigger over the years, feel free to donate any amount you would normally spend on a mum or garter.

If your school information is missing please feel free to send us your homecoming information, register to become an ambassador and we will add your school to the calendar.

Pick Up Homecoming Shirts Time and Location

If your school  information is not available yet, please check back after your school deadline.


Wed Oct 17th 1:00-1:30 Carroll Senior High SAC


Homecoming Carnival @ the Senior High MUMZ4KIDZ booth 5-6:30

Thurs Oct 18th 4-8
400 Ginger Ct. Southlake


Wed Oct 17 after 10 in the counselors office

Please bring your receipt


Wed Oct 17th during lunch

Timber Creek

30 min before and 30 min after school at the Front entrance of the school.


October 24th

Plano West




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