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Dear Friend in the Community,

Youth World Dallas Learning Center is a non-profit youth organization that reaches out to “at-risk” children. These are children who seem to be the nobodies in the community that are not on a “list”. They are not waiting to be adopted; they are not waiting for a transplant or diagnosed of a terminal disease yet in desperate need of outside help! They are children who have had no voice and no choice. Youth World has been successfully serving the community since 1998.


Lunches Served


Higher Homework Grades


New Shoes Given


Kids Impacted


Books Read

Changing our community…..One child at a time. Youth World has recently moved into a new larger facility which will make it possible to reach an even greater number of “at-risk” children who make up our future. The new location is at 1121 W. Wheatland Rd, Dallas 75232. In this community, 1818 juvenile crimes were reported in one year alone!

Your generous support and involvement will make a huge difference. (Every gift is tax deductible.) Thank you for taking action today.

Thank you,

Darla Shirley

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